CPS releases official “Graduation Rate” of 97.8% for Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School!


by Matthew Rodriguez, Principal

In last week’s newsletter, you read that Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School has reached “Tier 1 Status,”as a top performing school in the City of Chicago. This week’s message is to share that the good news continues! We just received notification from Chicago Public Schools that not only are we a top performing school, but that our official graduation rate was 97.8% for school year 2013-2014! Of course, this is a reflection of all of the hard work of our resilient student body, our exemplary staff and our extraordinary parents and community.

As you might imagine, we are not done! Now the bar has been raised, and our beautiful students and staff have always shown that they are ready to RISE TO THE CHALLENGE! We will have to work hard to maintain Tier 1 status and continue to push for ongoing growth and improvement.

We are also not done because the history of our school positions us to strive for more than just “Tier 1 Status”. Not only are we focused on students’ attendance, test scores, graduation rate, and persistence in college (amongst other CPS benchmarks), our school also works tirelessly to ensure that all students reach to embody the concepts of Self-Determination, Self-Actualization and Self-Reliance for themselves and for their community. Want to learn more or find out ways to support our effort in the Paseo Boricua community? Visit our website or email me, mattr@pedroalbizucamposhs.org.

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