Women and Trans Night Keeping Busy


By Emily, West Town Bikes

Women and Trans Night has been on a break for the last six weeks, but we have still been keeping ourselves busy as ever working hard to train eight new volunteers who have been participating in the 2015 open shop since the start of the year!

We are so proud to have this new group of inspiring women join us at WTB, and they are an incredible addition to the wonderful group of volunteers that we already have on our team.  Not only are all of these women passionate about WTB and the work that we do in the community, but they each bring a tremendous amount of invaluable experience and skill of which they are eager to share with everyone here.  Not only will this group be providing assistance to attendees during open shop, but they will be working hard to build and maintain program fleet bikes throughout the community while also promoting and engaging others through WTB-promoted activities and outreach events we have planned during the spring and into the summer.

We look forward to starting up Women’s Night again on Wednesday, March 4th.  We also plan on hosing a casual event in mid-March to celebrate our new volunteer team and give a proper “Kick Off” to the upcoming 2015 season.

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Hoorah for women wrenching on bikes!

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