Research Presentation on Civic Engagement among Puerto Rican Youth in Humboldt Park

By Mayra Estrella, Program Director ACA

Dr. Michele Kelly, UIC School of Public Health, Dr. Mayra Estrella, Puerto Rican Cultural Center, and Amber Kraft, student UIC Department of Psychology and volunteer with the PRCC’s anti-underage drinking campaign recently presented research at the Fourth Global Congress for Qualitative Health Research in Mérida, Yacatán, Mexico.

They presented qualitative research on the process of social and political development of Puerto Rican youth in the Humboldt Park community, as well as the role of community settings in influencing youth’s civic engagement and sociopolitical development. The authors discussed the significance of the community context for social justice as a factor that influences and promotes local youth civic engagement.

The theme of the Congress, hosted by the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, was “Dialogues for Intercultural Health.” It was organized by a group of qualitative researchers who wish to learn, communicate, and share qualitative inquiry as it pertains to health. The Congress is not a formal organization. It is a movement of researchers who are committed to advancing the field of qualitative health research.

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