Clemente Awarded Status as IB World School


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    Roberto Clemente Community Academy has just been awarded official status as an IB World School authorized to offer the Diploma Programme. This marks the end of a three-year application process, during which teachers and administrators prepared policies, curriculum documents, resources and supports
    for students to engage in this intensive, college-preparatory pathway. According to a study by the Chicago Consortium on School Research, participation in the Diploma Programme results in higher high school GPAs, as well as increased college acceptance and graduation rates. Starting in Fall 2015, Clemente
    juniors will be eligible to participate in the full Diploma Programme, or may choose to take individual courses in specific subject areas.A report sent to the school last Tuesday evening includes findings from the authorization process, along with several commendations for areas where the school goes
    above and beyond the requirements to be an IB World School. Some of those commendations include:

    • The school developed a leadership group dedicated to creating a positive and safe school climate
    by promoting respectful communication.

    • The principal and DP coordinator demonstrate exceptional pedagogical leadership.

    • The school has gone above and beyond the requirements of the programme in providing teachers
    and other staff with professional development opportunities.

    • The school offers substantial language support to both students and parents in response to
    community needs.

    • The school and school district have developed a number of methods to support students with
    their post-secondary options.<end bulleted list.
    The school is nearing completion of their candidacy for the IB Middle Years Programme and IB Career-related
    Programme as well. Authorization visits for those programs will occur later this spring.


    By Elizabeth Kelley

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