Batey After School Program Flourishes


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The Puerto Rican Cultural Center is delighted to present the Batey Urbano after school program for high school aged students in the Humboldt Park community and surrounding neighborhoods. The purpose of the after school program is to improve the academic performance of youth from Clemente Community Academy and Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos High School and help them orient themselves towards a better future. Batey Urbano provides a safe and educational space where youth can do their homework with assistance from tutor mentors, and with access to computers and the internet. With tutoring focused on math, spanish, english, and writing, (3 P.M. to 6 P.M. Monday-Friday) as well as yoga, the student participants are en- couraged to become self-actualized learners with increased engagement in their educational process. With the collaboration of the local restaurants Cafe? Colao and Nelly’s, students are offered delicious food daily. Batey Urbano would like to welcome high school students to come study with us and to bring friends along to take advantage of this excellent program!

By Christian Roldan

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