Parent University/Parent Popular Institute Opens at Roberto Clemente Community Academy

CAAC Initiative at Yates Elementary School Parents Participate in Training to Build & Fly Drones

By Michael Emmer, Puerto Rican Cultural Center Safe Passages staff

We are extremely excited to announce that last Wednesday, February 18th, saw the opening of the Parent University/Parent Popular Institute at Clemente High School! The participant workers from CPS’ safe passage program are the first group of parents from the community invited to take part in the initiative. Wednesday’s first class, “Introduction to Video”, is part of a mini course taught by Derek Grace of the Grace Media Group ( Parent participants in the Grace video class are learning hands on skills including the fundamentals of lighting, camerawork, sound, the evolution of videography from analog to digital, interview skills, on set vocabulary and much more. The class will culminate with participants producing their own video with the skills they acquire in the course, telling their own stories and sharing their own experiences.

The Puerto Rican Cultural Center would like to wish all the parent participants good luck in reaching their goals!

The Parent Popular Institute is a project put forward by the Puerto Rican Cultural Center and powered by the Community as a Campus initiative in Humboldt Park, working in tandem with the Parent University, a project of CPS.


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