Women for PASEO Program at the Stone Temple Missionary Baptist Church event.

By Sandra Candelaria, Director, Women for PASEO

The Women for PASEO Program attended the annual Stone Temple Missionary Baptist Church event, “Women of Divine Perfection Conference”, on Saturday, March 21, 2015. The theme of the conference was, “Love is Embracing a New Direction”…Spiritiually, Physically, Mentally and Emotionally” The purpose of the Stone Temple Missionary Baptist Church, through this type of event, is to empower the African American community women. This conference provided tools to women from various areas of Chicago to become empowered with the idea of “Stir up the Gift of God that is Within each Woman”. The event was organized, well planned and very successful. Over 50 professional African American women participated in the conference. The guest speakers all had strong religious backgrounds. There messages through worship were inspiring, full of words of wisdom and encouragement. Dr. Delena Winston and the Dance Ministry and Dr. Carole Clark from the Praetorium Sign Language Church “Praise Danced” by using sign language to interpret spiritual music.

As part of the commitment to the community, with the idea of the well being of the Stone Temple Church conference, they offered free health care services to their participants, families, friends, and members of the community. Among the services provided during the conference were: Breast Cancer Awareness and Education-Sinai Health System; Glucose Testing and Diabetes Education-Sinai Health System; Family Education-Children’s books and Pamphlets-Sinai Health System; Eye Exams-Illinois College of Optometry; Blood Pressure Testing-Midwestern Education; Education Materials-American Heart Association; Dental Examinations-Dr. Glenn J. Evans, and Women’s HIV Testing-PRCC/Women for PASEO. Women for PASEO had the opportunity to engage with participants and established excellent rapport. We tested 20% of the women that participated in the event. This represents 75% of the participants tested during this conference. Besides our women services, we promoted all of the other PRCC programs, such as programs for the LGBTQ community, El Rescate Transitional Living Program, and our ACA services.

The above event allowed us to reach out to the African American Communities and to encourage our future collaboration. The Women for PASEO program would like to thank, Ms. Florencia Carmona from Mount Sanai Health Services, for extending this invitation. She was pleased with the services and information provided by our organization.

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