Educating at the Mexican Consulate


By Yolanda Nieves, ACA Program

The Puerto Rican Cultural Center’s In-Person Counselors (IPCs) have been visiting the Consulate General of Mexico for a couple of months and it has been a very rewarding experience. At the Consulate, our IPCs have a table with information about our program and they also set up presentations to inform the consumers of the services the PRCC provides regarding medical coverage. The Department of Human Health coordinates these presentations throughout the day and our IPCs have been given a space where they can display educational material and be able to talk to consumers after each presentation. The audience is between 40 to 70 people each time and their ages range from 15 to 65.  They are all very grateful for the information, as many of them are unaware of the options they may have in regards to medical coverage due to language and cultural barriers.  We are delighted to serve as a bridge between them and the U.S. health system!

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