Puerto Rican Human Rights Attorney Osvaldo Burgos-Pérez visits Chicago, Paseo Boricua and Oscar Lopez Rivera

Law Students Organize Kent College Charla
By Militza Pagan

(Editor’s Note: On Monday, November, 2, Puerto Rican Human Rights Attorney Osvaldo Burgos visited from Puerto Rico. The primary purpose of his trip was to visit Oscar López Rivera, and on the day after, he spoke to three different locales. The below newsbriefs speak to each event.)

On November 2nd, 2015, Attorney and Professor Osvaldo Burgos-Pérez from Inter-American Law School in Puerto Rico spoke at Chicago-Kent College of Law. A group of 20 law students and staff heard Professor Burgos-Perez discuss the current state of human rights in Puerto Rico. In particular, Professor Burgos-Pérez discussed the plight of members of the LGTBQ and Dominican communities in Puerto Rico and the repression of protestors and other activists by the police and government. He explained how Puerto Rico’s current economic state is tied to its colonial relationship to the U.S. The event was co-sponsored by the Kent Chapters of the National Lawyers Guild, LAMBDAS, Hispanic Latino Law Students Association and American Constitution Society.
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