Thanksgiving Dinner At El Rescate

By PRCC Staff
Regardless of the origin of Thanksgiving and its original purpose, the day was officially set aside to give solemn thanksgiving and praise. On Wednesday November 25 , 2015, El Rescate staff and residents came together to give solemn thanksgiving and praise for the past year by preparing a wonderful dinner for all to share. With one heart and one voice, all came together to express the grateful feelings of Thanksgiving.  On Wednesday, in preparation of the wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, three turkeys and a myriad of side dishes were prepared by the resident’s and staff. All the residents, invited guests, and staff circled the table and held hands to express individual gratitude not only for the dinner but for El Rescate as a program, and the staff for assisting them during challenging times throughout the past year.
El Rescate resident’s and staff want to give thanks to Ms. Lugo for offering her wonderful space located on Division St. where our Thanksgiving Dinner took place. Also, we want to thank you Alderman Maldonado for the three turkeys that he donated, as well as other community partners and community residents that kindly contributed to the Thanksgiving Dinner by donating all sources of food for preparation.
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