By Michael Kurshan-Emmer,

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PRCC As part of the annual ‘El Día de los Reyes’/’Three Kings’ holiday celebration, children of all ages received hundreds of donated gifts yesterday in the Humboldt Park Fieldhouse. As part of this grand gift give-away organized by the DSBDA, PRCC, Alderman Maldonado’s office and Representative Cynthia Soto’s office among others, West Town Bikes provided 75 bikes and set them up in a room in the Fieldhouse to distribute to kids of all ages, sizes and genders. Dressed as Los Tres Reyes Magos, the workers from West Town Bikes helped fit each child to the bicycle, which was best suited for them. A few years ago, you may not have seen the youth from Clemente or other schools in the community riding around on bicycles, but now you see many of the neighborhood youth engaged in this healthy and fun community, building a form of transportation. Not only has West Town Bikes provided jobs and opportunities for youth in the area, but has impacted positive change in the culture of transportation for the youth of the Humboldt Park/West Town community.

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