La Voz Welcomes Healthy Lifestyle Blogger Fat2Flaca!

By La Voz Staff
Boricua Blogger, Meal Preparation Guru, Dance Fitness Instructor and all-around wellness badass, Janeida Rivera serves up equal parts fitness and nutrition tips, healthy recipes and empowering thoughts on self-acceptance on her blog, Fat2Flaca. Also, did we mention after weight loss surgery and becoming active, she has lost and kept off 230-lbs to date? Born and raised in Humboldt Park, we are excited to add this Puerto Rican healthy lifestyle blogger’s fun and relatable voice to La Voz del Paseo Boricua. Find her on Twitter, IG and Facebook: @Fat2Flaca.


Ask Fat2Flaca
“Querida Fat2Flaca, How do I start over after my NY resolution crashed and burned. lol
“TryingToMelt, you are definitely not alone. February is here and much like yours, most of the resolutions set have plummeted into an abyss and are forgotten. I even dropped the ball on one of the goals I set for myself because I didn’t follow some of the very guiding principles I am about to share with you. Luckily for us, we can start or and stop the cycle of self sabotage and stay committed.


1. Include your partner or family and friends in the process. Meet with them and have a family meeting about what you are attempting to achieve and tell them that you need their support. This is also the time to ask them specifically what you need from them. Do not feel discouraged if you don’t immediately see eye to eye with your familia. There are always potential supporters in co-workers, online support forums, like, facebook groups or create your own social media support network! I find that if I post that I am going to work out, I get to the gym and post my accomplishments or setbacks because I am accountable to the people cheering me on who I also support. Getting positive feedback on your journey helps to excite you to meet your goals. Just remember, people will let you down, but at the end of the day you have to hold yourself accountable, so check in regularly with your #1 supporter. YOURSELF!.


2. See your doctor and get a referral to a nutritionist. This process is 80% healthy eating and 20% exercise.  A nutritionist can guide you in eating healthier and tailor a plan for you based on your unique needs. You will also get a clear picture of your limitations so that you or potentially a certified trainer know where you are beginning. Also, some people have unhealthy eating practices because they compensate for issues with food. We see girls in movies going through break-ups and downing cartons of rocky road ice cream. If you have these kinds of experiences regularly, consult with a therapist and give yourself an additional tool to resolve what the real issue is. It took regular check-ins with someone for me to understand that I didn’y really love alcapurrias more than I valued my health. Because of this team, I was ready to get moving which leads me to my next point:


3. Muevete el esqeleto! If you have a membership you have never had, use it or cancel it and stop wasting your money. There are too many ways to get active at home or free fitness resources at local community centers such at The Diabetes Empowerment Center, West Humboldt Park Development Council, The Humboldt Park Field House or affordable gyms and bootcamps in and around the area like the YMCA, Blast Fitness or 606 Fitness bootcamp. You have to figure out what works best for you. In my case a personal trainer showed me where to start.


4. Eat “Clean”. This doesn’t mean to scrub your food with jabon. It means avoiding processed foods with added chemicals, dyes, preservatives, high in unnatural sugar or added sodium and eating more food that comes from the earth like fruits, veggies, whole grains and even some lean meat and dairy. There are also plenty of books and other free online resources that can help you develop a weekly meal plan, grocery list but, before changing the way you eat seek the advice of a nutritionist.


5. If you bite it, write it! Documenting what and when you eat, your mood, menstrual cycle, can help you understand your your daily nutritional progress and setbacks with measurable evidence. Myfitnesspal is my absolute favorite food journal and fitness tracking website and app, but I am also not opposed to an old school notebook and pen. Whatever works for you. You Like it? I love it!
Luckily, reaching your wellness goals is completely possible any month of the year besides just January, but you have to work hard and hold yourself accountable. You will get annoyed and upset along the way. You will want to give up more than once, BUT you have got to remember that so many of our families are plagues with obesity related illnesses like diabetes and your family depends on your commitment to being healthier. Your life literally depends on this. You can do it!”

Have any health, wellness or nutrition questions for Fat2Flaca? Connect with her online or e-mail[email protected].

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