My Experience with Project Prepare

By Nicholas Ramos
There are many things I have experienced in Project Prepare at Roberto Clemente Community Academy over the last couple of months, and thanks to Amy and Sarah it has been smooth sailing. For starters, what is Project Prepare? Project Prepare is a program to assist students in developing skills to help them prepare for college and the workforce. My first time going to Project Prepare was when I turned sixteen. I couldn’t wait to get a job, and I was so excited that the day after my birthday I went to my BAM counselor and told him that I wanted a job right away! That same day, he took me to Project Prepare and that’s when I met Amy. She was so kind and encouraging and I couldn’t even count the “wows” when she heard the experience I built up to prepare for the day I’d get my first real job.
One important thing she did recently was help me out with my resume. I didn’t even know how to start, and she guided me step by step in the long process that would help make me stand out professionally for someone my age. Throughout the process of creating my resume, we talked about how I can make my first impression, which is key for a good interview. One of the goals of Project Prepare is to help me and other students stand out in the interview process for jobs and college. I am already feeling more confident that when I interview and begin working I will have already begun developing the skills needed to succeed in the workplace.
Another experience I had was when we were applying for a job. It was pretty hard at first, but then Amy guided me in the application process. The way she explained it to me and walked me through the process really helped. Within two weeks, I was feeling confident enough to do it on my own. After I applied, Amy and I discussed the process of what to do if I haven’t heard anything back. We talked about how I could call them to try to set up an interview. I have now called a couple of places I have applied to. Each time before I call, Amy and I talk about what I am going to say and act it out so it is easier for me to talk the hiring manager.
Finally, another experience I had in Project Prepare was learning the step by step process of what an actual interview looks and feels like. One of the things we talked about in this process of an interview is how I would present myself physically and emotionally. We discussed how I can make a great first impression to whoever is interviewing me and going to be giving me the job.
With my resume, job applications, techniques to avoid feeling nervous when I am calling about the job, and the skills for how I present myself, I feel very prepared to be entering the workforce. Even after I get a job, I am still going to work with Project Prepare so I can keep improving my job skills and be ready for college and the career of my future. I want young kids like me that are still in high school to be able to realize how easy it is to feel job ready when they work with Project Prepare. The amazing staff members with Project Prepare have made it easier for me to begin the process of job searching and I am now 100% more confident that when I do get a job I will be ready.
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