“Embrace me I am Trans”

Friday, April 21st,  while Puerto Ricans were meeting with Puerto Rico community leaders in the nonprofit and government sector, along with stateside elected officials, TransLatin@ Coalition leaders were mobilizing in Los Angeles and Hollywood, CA, Atlanta, GA, New York, New Jersey and Chicago, IL with representation from MN, to bring affirming attention to the translatin@ community. “Embrace me I am Trans,” is a campaign to bring attention to continued violence exercised against transpeople in society. It is an exercise to demand that society embrace the trans community as a whole.  TransLatin@ made signs interchanging pink and blue letters encouraging passerby to hug them.


Maritxa Vidal, Midwest Regional Director of TransLatin@, Maya Lozano and Minnesota chapter representative Renata Garcia were among the twelve members of TransLatin@ that organized with numerous allies to encourage cisgender (those living in the gender their bodies ‘represent’) Chicagoans to show their support. After hugging a member of TransLatin@, each supporter was invited to fill out a sheet expressing why they supported the transcommunity. With responses like “they’re just like me,” “being yourself is always the best way to be,” and “i love all life,” supporters’ solidarity privileges their right to live as they choose just like allies themselves do.

The work of TransLatin@ Coalition will continue to bring attention to the struggle of transcommunity members until they are treated with the right to human dignity and the right to determine how they choose to identify in the world. You can follow them on twitter @translatina_c or the hashtag #embracemeiamtrans. You can also find Chicago’s chapter at Translatina-Chicago.
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