This is the time President Obama has left in the Oval office; join us in demanding Free Oscar Now!

New “Free Oscar website” promotes Washington DC concert October 9, 2016

The Free Oscar Lopez Coalition was created to intensify efforts in the United States for the release of Oscar López Rivera from prison. We aim to educate and dispel misconceptions and misinformation and gather the good faith actions of fellow men and women outraged by the inhumane incarceration of Oscar. Oscar, a Vietnam War veteran awarded the Bronze Star Medal, was given a 70 year term for seditious conspiracy. He wasn’t convicted of any violent act. At 73 years old and after 35 years in prison, he now has been incarcerated more time than Nelson Mandela. Nobel Prize Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu has compared Oscar conditions to those of Mandela. We firmly believe our efforts to free Oscar have to concentrate were it matters the most, which is in Washington DC, before the White House, in order to be heard by President Barack Obama.

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