Thanks Chicago for inviting Junte Loiceño to Fiesta Boricua


By El Junte Loiceño, Loiza PR

Junte Loiceño is delighted to express our heartfelt thanks to the organizers of the 25th Fiesta Boricua in Chicago. To us it was a most enriching experience. We are grateful for dedicating this activity to our town Loíza and for inviting us to perform at this wonderful Fiesta. We are very proud of our mayor Dr. Julia Nazario Fuentes and were very pleased to be present at the dedication of this activity where you praised her work and the work of her administrative assistants. We are also grateful for the economic support you offered Loíza after hurricane María and the donation you kindly gave her at the activity. It has been of great importance for Junte Loiceño to fraternize with the boricua community of Chicago.

Our Puertorrican culture is one of the fundamental factors that help our diaspora community to remain together, firmly reinforcing their solidary identity and sense of belonging. The contact we had on stage and at individual level with this community has contributed to reaffirm our commitment to the cultural work we do. Members of Junte Loiceño acknowledge our participation as a pleasant and valuable experience that has enhanced our human and professional growth. We will always carry in our hearts the love and kindness the organizers and community gave us during our visit to Chicago.

We are proud of all the excellent work that Mr. José López and all the committee of Fiesta Boricua, Luis Rosa Pérez, Congressman Luis Gutierrez, Puerto Rican Cultural Center, Aspira and all the people that have worked to help and support education, culture, health and all kinds of endeavors to keep the boricua community thriving in Chicago. It has been a great honor to meet you and share with all and each one of you. Please receive from Junte Loiceño our heartfelt gratitude and compliments. We remain at your service for any other future activities.


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Photos by Charlie Billups

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