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On behalf of the staff and the Board of Directors of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, please accept my thanks for your support of the PRCC’s mission during these extraordinary times. We continue to serve our community, to uplift it, and to provide a sense of hope in a world filled many times with despair.

2022 will mark the 50th anniversary of our founding as a community-based institution driven by the promise of the self-determination, self-actualization and self-reliance of our people. We are beginning to discuss the events surrounding the celebration of 5 decades of a legacy of struggle, inspiring a community of hope and change.

We count on your support. If you wish you can make a monetary donation through Paypal by clicking here. You can also choose to send us a check at the address below.

With profound gratitude,

Luis Alejandro Molina
Secretary, Board of Directors

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