Dr. Hernández Burgos Leaves PRCC to Assume Leadership Role with Federal HIV Agency


by Melissa Banerjee

The Puerto Rican Cultural Center is proud to announce that Dr. Jesus Hernández-Burgos, PRCC’s Director of Public Health Initiatives, has taken a position with the HIV/AIDS Bureau Division of the US Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) in Washington, DC. We are delighted to see a core member of PRCC’s leadership team and Reina Cacica del Paseo Boricua 2015 grow into a national leader in the field of Public Health. 

Dr. Hernández-Burgos will bring to his new position not only his years of experience working as an epidemiologist in Puerto Rico, but also the unique perspective he has gained working with the LGBTIQ+ community in Humboldt Park through the Public Health Initiatives of The PRCC, as well as the successful development of the Trans Chicago Organization. 

The Public Health Initiatives will now be under the experienced leadership of Dr. Will Cobbs, who has been with The PRCC for more than 10 years and will now serve as Interim Director.    Dr. Cobbs says; “Dr. Hernández-Burgos has been a great leader and motivator for our community and for all of us at The Puerto Rican Cultural Center. His humility and eagerness to help build the community are reflected in his commitment to the people we serve every day. We are grateful and wish him well as he continues his career to serve and be a selfless leader.”  

Moving forward, the PHI programs will also benefit from the expertise of senior public health advisor, Dr. Aida Giachello. Dr. Giachello also sends Dr. Hernández-Burgos off with the warmest wishes; “The Puerto Rican community is proud to have a young leader like Dr. Hernández-Burgos who works long hours over and above the expectations to meet the needs of his community.” 

Chief Operations Officer, Juan Calderón, said, “We are proud to continue to plant the seeds of leadership in Public Health. Today, we send our Dr. Jesús Hernández-Burgos to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) as a program officer.” 

While we will miss Dr. Hernández-Burgos’ leadership, we are proud that The PRCC has become a public health workforce training ground for our future Latinx leaders in the field of Public Health Policy. We hope to continue working on other grounds with Dr. Hernández-Burgos for the enhancement and preservation of our community, which is highly impacted by federal policies. 

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