PRCC Congratulates Nathalie Tirado on her Marriage to HER BEST FRIEND Cassandra Pérez


The Puerto Rican Cultural Center congratulates our Associate Director of Public Health Initiatives and Coordinator of Trans Chicago 2.0, Nathalie Tirado, on her marriage to her long-time friend Cassandra Pérez. Nathalie and Cassandra met as students at Pritzker High School, then reconnected a few years after their  graduation. Nathalie and Cassandra have been an inseparable pair for the past five years.

On September 27, 30 attendees celebrated the couple’s nuptials wearing masks made and monogrammed N / C by Nathalie’s mother and wedding planner, Sara González. The wedding and reception took place DownTown and was joyfully interrupted by a spontaneous drag queen performance put on by Nathalie’s friends. The Puerto Rican Cultural Center wishes Nathalie and Cassandra a long shared life of love, growth, and spontaneous fun

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