Peace March Reflection


The goal of the Peace March was to steer the community’s energy in a different direction before summer arrived. Many do not believe peace marches are effective. I believe that with the right leaders of the community marching we can really begin to see change. Peace doesn’t come overnight, but we must first heal our hearts so that we can help heal the hearts of others who are committing these acts of violence on our streets. People have cried for help to stop the violence, but it takes a village. I hope that as our community continues to grow and become enriched in its culture, people can gain a new perspective of Humboldt Park. That it is a safe place to congregate, and that there are so many opportunities for the people of our community to take advantage of. I also wanted to give a special thanks to all the organizations that were involved in making this a successful day. Thank you to our guest speakers and everyone who lended a helping hand. Without everyone in attendance, this day wouldn’t have been half of what it was. I truly appreciate everyone’s passion and efforts. This is only the beginning of creating a new “norm” in our community.

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