Entonce Magazine: Keeping the Story Going in the Barrio


A few years ago, a young Puerto Rican entrepreneur began the popular urban magazine, Entonce. If you are already familiar with the magazine, you know that its pages have featured interviews with some of the most popular music figures in the Puerto Rican/Latina/o community. If you are still in the dark about Entonce, we hope to introduce you…

La Voz: What lead to you to create Entonce magazine?
Entonce: Most of us Puerto Ricans like to talk a lot so I thought it would be profound if there was a magazine that our youth can relate to, enjoy, and possibly learn something from, and what better name than Entonce – it’s how you keep a story going. Plus my mom always told me I had the gift to write and that I had to start my own business. She’s been a big inspiration. God Bless her.

La Voz: What do you hope to accomplish with the magazine?
Entonce: To make the world a better place… It’s not easy being Puerto Rican/Latino. Entonce wants to touch more lives and say things that no other magazine says. We want to continue with our uniqueness and originality. It’s a complement when we see big companies emulate us. We are a family company. We stay real; we haven’t sold out. This is real life, it’s not corporate mumbo jumbo.

La Voz: What are some of the artists or issues have you featured?
Entonce: We featured Willie Colon, Fat Joe, Tego Calderon, Pitbull, Jaslene (America’s Top Model), R. Kelly…we discuss real issues like gentrification, racism, violence, self image and things that go on in the hood, music, love and respect for one another. Our job is to capture the positive to help better peoples’ lives.
La Voz: How has the Puerto Rican community received the magazine?
Entonce: They have received it extraordinarily well. It flies out of stores. And not only Puerto Ricans, Mexicans have been supportive as well. Entonce has a global love. The people love it and it is free. They support it. Thank God for our fans. I am a strong believer in reading. It takes you out of this world. People need to read more…

La Voz: Any advice for our Puerto Rican youth?
Entonce: Make positive choices. Create a spiritual foundation in your life. Lead and do not follow. Strive to reach 80 years old. Take care of yourself. Strive for your dreams; live happily in the present moment… Live each day, as it was your last. Every person should know right from wrong; choose the right path. Give more love…and you will get more love.

La Voz: What do you see in the future for Entonce?
Entonce: We are celebrating the 4th anniversary issue which will be released July 14 and will be available on the web at www.entonce.com on August 1. Expect to see a lot more of Entonce!

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