[lang_en]Latino Clergy to Boycott all City of Chicago Social and Business Functions Boycott Response To Diminishing Role Of Latinos In Government Decision Making  [/lang_en]



On Thursday, February 5, Latino Clergy from across the city came together to announce they would no longer be attending any business or social functions hosted by the City of Chicago. This action was prompted by a growing frustration with city officials over their failure to proportionally include Latinos in key government decisions in accordance their growing population and prominence in the city.

“Latinos will not be sold for $7.99. We don’t want some bacon and eggs, we want a piece of the pie,” stated Reverend Wilfredo de Jesus, of New Life Covenant Church in Humboldt Park in reference to the frequent breakfasts city officials have hosted to pander to Latino leaders.

This effort is supported by Latino Alderman such as Alderman Billy Ocasio and has received the written support of several Latino State Senators and Representatives.[/lang_en]

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