Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center Awards Puerto Rican Bomba Dancers for Service to the Community and Puerto Rican Culture



    Anahi Lazarte

    The Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center (SRBCC) presented awards to a group of female bomba dancers recognized for their community work and committment to the Puerto Rican culture.  The award ceremony took place during the Abolition of Slavery Concert held on March 20th.

    The concert was dedicated to the female bomba dancer, with a performance from Nandí, the first all female group of bomba percussionists  in Puerto Rico.

    The Center presented the Abolitionist award to Rhenna Lee Santiago who directs a school in Puerto Rico where bomba has been incorporated into the curriculum.  She is also part of the Puerto Rican group Paracumbé, with which she has participated in various educational initiatives.  That evening female dancers from Chicago, New York, and Puerto Rico also received special recognition: Jeanitza Avilés, Lauren Brooks, Marilyn Delgado, Ivelisse Díaz, Oxil Febles, Jaris Rodríguez, Jessica Rodríguez y Marién Torres.

    Created in 1971, the SRBCC is the first Puerto Rican cultural center founded in Chicago. It’s mission is to promote and fortify the Puerto Rican culture, with emphasis on afro-Puerto Rican culture.[/lang_en]

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