[lang_en]La Voz Celebrates 5th Anniversary on Paseo Boricua[/lang_en]



    Over 200 people crowded Paseo Boricua’s La Estancia to celebrate La Voz del Paseo Boricua’s 5th anniversary. On April 25, local community leaders and residents gathered to support the work of La Voz and to pay homage to the La Voz Top Ten of 2008. In a spirit of Puerto Rican pride and affirmation, each of the Top Ten received a special commemorative plaque. Ald. Ocasio, one of the event’s honorees, was surprised by a large birthday cake that featured the Paseo Boricua flags.

    The evening’s highlight was an impassioned speech by Congressman Luis Gutiérrez, who was named La Voz’s 2008 Person of the Year. Reflecting on his 22-city tour, Gutiérrez discussed the historic transformation currently underway throughout the country, signaling the key presence of Puerto Ricans within the immigration movement, as well as the growing unity between Catholics and Protestants. Gutiérrez stressed the importance of the political Latino agenda to the broader cause of social justice. Gutiérrez was given a portrait drawn by Puerto Rican political prisoner, Oscar López-Rivera.

    La Voz would like to acknowledge its many supporters and readers, who have given us reason to continue publishing this newspaper. An infinite thanks to our community.[/lang_en]

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