Panelists speak about Cuban 5 and Oscar López Rivera Freedom Now!


Over 30 people said ¡Presente! to one of the closing events of the art exhibit featuring Antonio Hernández, one of the Cuban 5, and Oscar López Rivera, Puerto Rican political prisoner’s artwork.

The panel, composed of José E. López (Director, Puerto Rican Cultural Center, brother of Oscar López Rivera), Felix Masud-Piloto (Cuban-American and DePaul professor), Mark Clements (Campaign to End Torture & Chicago Alliance against Racist and Political Repression, tortured and unjustly imprisoned for 26 years),and Mary L. Johnson (mother of Michael Johnson, Burge torture survivor) spoke eloquently about the importance of the struggle for different communities across the world. The Network was able to sell 5 Oscar books and 2 CDs. To order yours, email

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