PRCC’s 40th Anniversary Gala Honors Jayuya Mayor Jorge Gonzalez




On Friday, August 30, over 225 people attended the Gala celebrating the PRCC’s 40th Anniversary at the Institute of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture. While the event was delayed for an hour due to rain, the event ended a great success. In attendance was a delegation of nearly 100 people from Jayuya, Comerio as well as New York. The night showcased the talent of Jayuya including its Banda Indigena, a group which perform indigenous Taino music and dance, and Grupo Tipico Armonia Cultural, which focuses on traditional jibaro music, performed. Both the Mayor of Jayuya,  the Hon. Jorge “Georgie” González and the President of Jayuya’s Municipal Assembly, Francisco Torres-Pagán were honored by the Puerto Rican Cultural Center and Alderman Roberto Maldonado. The PRCC was presented with a large Puerto Rican flag as well as the Jayuya emblem. A resolution calling for the release of the Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera was also read.

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