Meet Our Safe Passage Community Watchers

By Ivan Vega, Safe Passage Staff, PRCC

Our Safe Passage Community Watchers (SPCWs) are committed to creating a safe passage to and from school, no matter how cold, no matter how early, no matter what the situation may be. We have a committed group of parents at Roberto Clemente Community Academy and Wells Community Academy who always make sure to put the students and the students’ safety first. Many SPCWs are community members that have lived and worked in Humboldt park their entire lives,
some having graduated from Clemente Community Academy themselves. Not only are these amazing people making sure our students have a safe walk to and from school everyday, they are also the first participants of the Parent University at Clemente. These are some of the faces that our children in the neighborhood see everyday on their way to and from school. Meet some of the Safe Passage Community Watchers: Isabelino Landor, and Melissa Cintrón.

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