Misa Jibara once again brings unique cultural display to Fiesta Boricua



This year marked the 6th Misa Jibara hosted at Fiesta Boricua. Misa Jibara is a Catholic mass infused with cultural elements of Puerto Rico. A celebration of faith, inspiration and culture, Misa Jibara combines the Spanish language, folk music and deeply rooted Puerto Rican traditions to produce a beautiful Catholic liturgy. At a Misa Jibara, those who convey the church’s message are not the priests but rather a traditional “jibaro” musical group.

Despite breaking his leg just a few days before, the ceremony was officiated by Rev. Father Raul Morales Berrios with the help of St. Mark’s Parish newly appointed parish leader. The musical group of the diocese of Cayey, Puerto Rico, performed this year’s music.

By Militza Pagan
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