El Rescate perseveres… with help!

by PRCC Staff
On March 3, 2016, El Rescate Transitional Living Program celebrated its four-year anniversary.  Over 100 individuals stopped by to visit El Rescate during the PRCC 100×35 celebration. From the untrained eye, an attendee of the celebration could easily have assumed this program is well funded with an unlimited amount of resources. But the reality is far different. Ever since the state declared a budget impasse the program has existed entirely without any form of funding, but on this day many who visited the program came with bags full of donations for El Rescate in the form of toiletries and personal needs items.
I would like to extend my gratitude to all those individuals who made such wonderful donations.  Both Staff and residents were honored to have received such wonderful donations.
These are trying times for El Rescate and while other Transitional Living Programs have closed their doors for lack of funding, El Rescate continues to keep its doors open.  This is because of the support from the Puerto Rican Cultural Center who has helped to sustain El Rescate through all its hardships. For this reason, the residents of the program are made to feel that they have a family of supporters. Thank you all who have supported us.
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