Unidos Para Triunfar – Together We Overcome, 1971, restored 1997


1971 Unidos para triunfar

Unidos Para Triunfar – Together We Overcome, 1971, restored 1997

John Pitman Weber

2100 W. Division Street

John Pitman and the Chicago Mural Group painted this mural in an effort to defuse tensions between black, Latino and white gangs in the West Town community. It shows youth brawling and killing one another on one side of the mural, while the other side calls for the unity of various groups to fight against various injustices including poor and inadequate housing. Weber restored the mural in 1974. As Olivia Gude and Jeff Huebner state in their book, Urban Art Chicago, “when Weber restored the mural in 1974, he added images of a coffin and a cop firing a gun, references to a Puerto Rican youth worker who had been slain the previous year by a policeman, sparking anti-brutality marches in the area.” This mural was restored a second time in 2004.

People’s Law Office Attorney Michael E. Deutsch with Puerto Rican Nationalist Heroine Lolita Lebrón. Below, the artist of the mural with Lolita. This [picture has additional historical significance as John’s uncle, Abraham Unger, was one of he lawyers who defended Oscar Collazo, Lolita and the Nationalists during their trial (s). 

2004 Lolita Lebrón at Renovation of “Unidos Para Triunfar” restoration by original artist John Pitman Weber.

John Weber’s aunt, Esther Unger, wrote the poem below for Lolita Lebrón. Esther’s husband, Abraham Unger, was Oscar Collazo’s lawyer.

Lolita Lebrón

November 19, 1919 — August 1, 2010

Lolita Lebron

She kissed me when she went to kill the king

and gently brushed my hair aside

The bullet whirled and wounded her

but she had tried, failed but tried

She hunted tyranny with quiet step

and silently she stalked the evil king

She sought to end him, swift and clean and clear

the weapon swerved and caught her unaware

The trap snared her, left ruling evil wild

bars cage her path, while tyranny is free

She built a martyr’s cross in seeking good

How hard she tried, how hard she tries

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