[lang_en]Letter From Ald. Billy Ocasio To Supt. Weiss Regarding Division St.[/lang_en]



I write to you regarding the deteriorating situation along the 2400 to 2800 blocks of west Division Street. I was just visited by a senior citizen of my ward who was assaulted on the corner of Division and Washtenaw Streets on the evening of Monday the 16th around 8:00pm. The victim was interviewed by two responding patrolmen, but no police report was filed. This occurred within a half block of a “blue light” camera, located just north of Division on Washtenaw.

On January 5th, the Division Street Business Development Association located at 2457 W. Division was broken into and had computer equipment stolen at approximately 8:00 am on a weekday. A blue light camera is located directly across the street, less than 100 feet away, yet it caught nothing. Early last week the building at 2458 W Division and several cars park in front were tagged by graffiti. This is less than 50 feet from the camera I referenced above.

Assaults, burglaries, vehicle theft, and criminal damage to property are up along Division Street despite the fact that we have at least three cameras along this corridor. What is the point of expending our already limited resources on equipment that serves as neither a deterrent nor a functional crime-fighting tool? I am extremely frustrated with this situation and expect to see it addressed immediately. Furthermore, I will not waste my time on any “ride alongs” until I see more productive and proactive police work in my ward.

Billy Ocasio, Alderman, 26th Ward[/lang_en]

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