[lang_en]Ald. Ocasio calls for the naming of Miguel del Valle as Chancellor of City Colleges[/lang_en]


[lang_en]During Aspira of Illinois’ 40th anniversary gala, Alderman Ocasio called upon the city administration to name the current City Clerk, Miguel del Valle, the new chancellor of the City Colleges of Chicago. Recognizing the hard work of the present Chancellor Wayne Watson, Alderman Ocasio challenged the City to seize the opportunity, of his possible resignation, and name Del Valle to that position. According to the Alderman, not only has he been a leader and a pioneer in educational reform in the state of Illinois, the population of the City of Colleges is increasingly becoming Latino. For Ocasio, making Miguel del Valle the chancellor will demonstrate the City’s commitment to the growing presence and persistence of Latinos, as well as to the continue improvement of the educational process in this world class city. The Alderman’s call was received with resounding applauses by the hundreds gathered in Navy Pier.[/lang_en]

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