Healthy Bodegas In Humboldt Park


The Puerto Rican Cultural Center (PRCC) has been working with key community partners to eliminate the community’s designation as a ” food desert.” Most community residents have to travel a distance or leave the community in order to buy a tomato or any other much needed produce. In 2008, the PRCC commissioned a study by DePaul University’s Stein Center, which documented the existence of 11 grocery stores (bodegas), in the community. Of these, only 2 sell fresh affordable produce. The other bodegas report being unable to sell produce because of risk involved in trying to sell perishable items. 

PRCC invites you to join our Healthy Bodegas program in Humboldt Park; from Western Ave. toHumboldt Boulevard and Chicago Ave. to North Ave.  Nine bodegas are selling fresh fruit and vegetables and we are working to include every store in Humboldt Park. Our goal is to have fruit and vegetables available for our community. Please visit the stores and support our communities, for any question or suggestion please call or e-mail our food coordinator Abel Fernandez at 773-450-2055 –

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