Professor Falcon’s Lessons: Solidarity and Camaraderie in a Puerto Rican Context”


by Matt Meyer 
On Monday, March 10, Puerto Rico’s leading intellectual – sociologist, educator, lawyer, author, organizer, and Independentista – passed away at age 84. A world renowned authority on colonialism, repression, and Puerto Rican history, Dr. Nieves Falcón was founder/director of the University of Puerto Rico’s Department of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, founder of the Committee on Human Rights, president of the International PEN Club, and a member of the International Advisory Board of the Peace and Justice Studies Association. He was also this author’s mentor, godfather to my son, and a great friend; it was an honor to be the only non-Puerto Rican to deliver a eulogy at his March 12th funeral. This is based on my remarks that afternoon. Read the entire article.

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