National Puerto Rican Parade Honors Chicago: Paul Roldan to Represent City


La Voz del Paseo Boricua is honored to reproduce excerpts of the invitational letter sent to Hipolito “Paul” Roldan honoring him as the representative of the city of the Puerto Rican Diaspora in the US.

La Voz del Paseo Boricua is honored to reproduce

Dear Mr. Roldan:

You are truly a champion of quality and affordable housing for all but most importantly for the elderly and the working poor. As puertorriqueños we are proud of the empire you have built and what makes it even more impressive is that you have always kept true to who you are, never forgetting where you come from. Your dedication to the Puerto Rican/Hispanic community of Chicago is unquestionable. With the establishment of the Teresa and Hipolito Roldan Community Development Scholarship Fund you have ensured that for generations to come the legacy that you have established will live on for generations to come.

It would be our greatest honor if you would accept the privilege of being the Representative to your City and our Sister City of Chicago at the 19th Annual NPRDP and the 57th Puerto Rican Day Parade of New York, (NPRDP), in this important and historic year for the Parade.

This year’s parade will take place on Sunday, June 8th at 11am on New York’s Fifth Avenue and will commemorate the centennial of Puerto Rican poet Julia de Burgos and will be dedicated to the soldiers of the 65th Infantry Regiment, The Borinqueneers. Additionally, the Parade’s theme of Education, Arts and Culture and will honor pioneers in each of these categories. The featured municipalities of this year’s celebration will be the town of Guánica, in commemoration of the centennial of its founding, and the city of Chicago, home to one of the largest Puerto Rican communities on the U.S. mainland. The event will be broadcast live on WNYW Fox 5.

As the Representative of Chicago, you would join the other parade honorees in the parade procession and be allowed to attend the following events, if your schedule permits: the Educational Leadership Banquet on Wednesday, May 21st, the Annual Parade Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Sunday, June 1st, the Annual Gala at the Marriott Marquis on Friday, June 6th.

Thank you for inspiring and empowering our community with your exceptional work and accomplishments.


Lorraine Cortés-Vázquez       Ululy Rafael Martínez, Esq.

NPRDP Board Chair                 NPRDP Board Vice-Chair

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