PRCC Executive Director Participates on Panel at LASA 2014 Conference


Discuss Puerto Rican/ Mexican Crossings and Latinidad


On Wed. May 21, José E. López, Executive Director of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, participated in a panel discussion with Dr. Maura Toro Morn from , Attorney Elvira Torres from the political Issues Commission of the Consultative Council of Mexicans in the Exterior, where they discussed “Coalition Politics in Chicago and Mexicans and Puerto Ricans and the Struggle for Immigration Reform.”

Dr. Maura Toro Morn set the tone by discussing the evolution of a political consciousness in the city, particularly, the social interaction of Puerto Ricans and Mexicans women, citing the example of Elvira Arellano, Elvira Torres discussed the challenges faced by the undocumented in relation to understanding their rights; José E. López engaged the audience and other panelists in a spirited discussion that included re-imagining the concept of citizenship, the Latino Generation, Latin American and the United States as well as Puerto Rico’s colonial relationship and Oscar López Rivera, Perto Rican political prisoners held for 33 years and Jose’s brother.

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