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ShirleyP-webMessage from Shirley Peyton, Program Director

“Having a roof over our head is one of our basic needs, yet this can be a struggle for many. The homeless prevention program offered through the Puerto Rican Cultural Center helps make this possible.

The Homeless Prevention Program was established to assist individuals who are homeless, about to become homeless, or in need of rental assistance because they fell behind or financial help for security deposit. In order to get the assistance, an applicant must present the following documents:

  • Proof of crisis
  • Proof of income for 30 days
  • Government issued I.D.
  • Proof of IDHS Benefits
  • Current Utility Bills
  • Social Security Cards

Our Homeless Prevention Program has partnered with the AIDS Foundation of Chicago Homelessness Prevention Emergency Funds. Applicants that do not qualify for our program are referred to this program and can complete an application at our office. All applicants must reside in the city of Chicago and be in imminent danger of eviction, homelessness, or subsidized housing residents at risk of losing their subsidy.

We also have partnered with CEDA to assist families with their utility bills, gas and lights. The

following documents are needed to apply:

  • Proof of income for the 30 days previous to the date of the application
  • Current gas and light bills
  • Social security cards for everyone in the household
  • Government issued I.D. for the head of the household

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