Midwife Care especially for Teen Girls


From Norwegian American Hospital staff

Obstetricians/gynecologists and pediatricians are the two groups of doctors who come to mind when talking about teenage pregnancy prevention. But, don’t overlook certified nurse-midwives. Midwives have education in midwifery and nursing and can offer education to young girls on family planning, reproductive health, teen pregnancy, contraception and protection against sexually transmitted infections.

The Midwife Associates of Norwegian American Hospital can help adolescent girls from puberty to college. They want girls to feel comfortable and willing to discuss hard issues in a non-judgmental fashion as they facilitate their care. Very often a young girl may feel more at ease talking to someone outside her family, and midwives are comfortable initiating conversations that other people in a teen’s life tend to avoid.

This is evident in the questions they ask, the language they use, the time they spend listening, and in their thoroughness as they conduct physical exams. A midwife can act as a transitional figure, providing support for, and offering knowledge to a girl when she is ready to hear it. The Midwife Associates maintain complete confidentiality, and they help girls think about how to maintain and even improve communication with their parents.

Knowledge ultimately empowers adolescent girls to trust their bodies and to engage in preventive and health sustaining practices. For more information or to schedule an appointment to meet individually with a certified nurse-midwife, contact 773-292-5976.

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