Promoting Deep Learning for 21st Century Citizens Who Will Shape the Greater Humboldt Park Community


The Humboldt Park “Community as a Campus” (CAAC) plan is a comprehensive education initiative adopted by the Community Action Council of Humboldt Park Chicago and endorsed by the Chicago Public Schools. The CAAC seeks to create a community-wide educational pipeline from Pre-K to 16 that will be framed within the precepts of the International Baccalaureate (IB) academic standards and will be supplemented with community wrap-around services.

The centerpiece of the CAAC initiative is the revitalization of Roberto Clemente Community Academy and the enhancement of the elementary feeder schools. Of the original 17 elementary Clemente feeder schools designated to be in the CAAC plan, three were closed after the 2012-2013 school year. In all, 8,700 students from preschool to high school will be impacted. As a resource for school improvement, three education institutes (Teacher/Administrator, Parent Popular and Youth Leadership) will be created to work collaboratively across the CAAC. The institutes will enhance educational offerings and outcomes, increase parent engagement and continuing education opportunities, and provide youth opportunities to participate in civic leadership initiatives, as well as pathways to educational success.

The CAAC, which is seven years in the making, has garnered the support of the community and a wide variety of institutional partners. The CAAC will respond to the academic and workforce needs of all learners, preparing 21st century citizens who will shape the future of the greater Humboldt Park community.

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