5 steps to take if your Google Apps account login leaks

When login information leaks, you need to act fast. Here’s how to revoke access, remove devices, and reset your password.
When your Google Apps account password leaks, the battle begins to minimize data loss and regain control of the account.
Unfortunately, you can’t undo a password leak-once it’s out, it’s out. You must assume your account data can be exposed. Work through the following steps with your Google Apps account administrator to recover from an account login leak.

1. Alert an Admin

As soon as you identify a potential password leak, let your Google Apps administrator know. But, don’t email your admin from your hacked account. If your account info has been breached, any information you send may also be available to people with your password.
Instead, talk, text, or call to let the admin know. If you call, go to a private location. Don’t place the call as you sit in a coffee shop or hotel lobby.
When you make the call, be ready to provide as much information as possible. Let the administrator know:
  • The date and time that the password loss occurred (if you know).
  • The devices (e.g. laptop, phone, tablet make and model) and locations (e.g. work, home, client site, etc.) where you recently accessed Google Apps
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