PA Democratic Party Adopts Humanitarian and Fiscal Crisis in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Urging President Obama and the US Congress to Develop a Comprehensive Plan

by Norman Bristol Colón, National Puerto Rican Agenda
HERSHEY, PA – The Pennsylvania Democratic Party adopted the Humanitarian and Fiscal Crisis in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico during their spring meeting.  More than 300 state committee members and the state’s democratic leaders gather in Hershey this past weekend to hear from Governor Wolf about the state of the budget impasse.  Candidates for US Senate, PA Treasurer, PA Auditor General and PA Attorney General were among the guest speakers.
The resolution was adopted unanimously by members of state committee who are elected by democratic voters in Pennsylvania.
“The current fiscal and humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico has indispensably provided an enormous opportunity for the 3.5 million Puerto Ricans living in the island and the 5+ million more living all across the United States to embrace in unison a voice for justice and equality.  On March 2, 2017, it will be a 100 years since President Woodrow Wilson signed the Jones Act granting US citizenship to Puerto Ricans.  This historic event was as much driven by global circumstances as it was driven by the security interests of the United States.  Yet, almost 100 years later, Puerto Rico has never experienced the challenge of today,” said Norman Bristol Colón, PAforPR Coalition.
“It is our goal to cultivate partnerships and garner support from all sectors of American society in respectfully asking President Obama and Congress to address the American Fiscal and Humanitarian Crisis in Puerto Rico.  I thank the PA Democratic Party for joining their voices with the countless voices of those impacted by this crisis emotionally, socially, politically and economically,” he concluded.

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