Feb 23, 2019, New York. Premiere: Ashes of Light by Marco Antonio Rodriguez and Performed by the UrbanTheatre of Chicago.

A team of talented actors from our local “barrio” of Humboldt Park traveled in February to New York to present Ashes of Light to the Neyorkians. Nearly 200 guests gathered at the Cultural Center Hostos College to see the award-wi–nning, dynamic, and engaging play about the struggles and aspirations of a Dominican family in New York City. Written with compassion, humor and honesty, the play is a welcome addition to the vast body of theatre from a new generation of US Latino dramatists. 

The performance was a success by the combination of talents of actors like Julio Cesar, Luz, Lydia and Divina, who happens to be my grand-daughter’s dance teacher, Maritza Nazario, who she loves and admires.

UrbanTheater expressed passion for acting and the audience understood it. The storyline did not seem o–ffensive to anybody nor did the spicy but tasteful words. The post-performance chat that followed was compelling and provided a chance to hear the feedback of the audience, as well as the actors’ insight on their roles within the play. Ashles of Light is definitely a vivid example of the work of a new generation of US Latino dramatists in the “American Dream” land. Congratulations to the cast!

By Viola Salgado,

Collaborator of La Voz del Paseo Boricua

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