The PRCC Chicago Connected Team Makes 7,000 Calls to Connect Humboldt Park Families to the Internet


The team of three PRCC Internet Ambassadors have made 7,000 calls to connect families to the Internet and their children to remote learning. Since August 2020 a combination of Regisa Rosario, Mónica Lozada and José Pagán used their google phones to call thousands of families and provide them with a special code that ensures free Internet service through Comcast and RCN while their children are CPS students. The initiative is called Chicago Connected and it is funded through CPS and the Children’s First Fund. The 7,000 calls are documented on a shared tracker, and weekly reports are submitted to the Chicago Connected Staff.

The PRCC team will now focus on working with schools in the Humboldt Park area to assist families yet to be connected and troubleshoot problems that have kept students from attending class regularly. The team will also refer families to Mental Health Services, COVID vaccinations, and assistance with food, housing and utility bills. The team will continue this work until June 30, 2020.

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