We Stand with Palestine


The Puerto Rican Cultural Center, Juan Antonio Corretjer stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people and denounces Israeli violence and domination as we have for the past 50 years. The settler colonization of Palestine must come to an end now. The Israeli state and settlers must end the dispossession of Palestinian land, the brutal assault on the Gaza Strip, and system of racial apartheid that structures Israeli society.  While there exists contested perspectives to the final solution of the Israeli Palestinian conflict, almost all of the world’s nations and people’s recognize a two state solution as an answer– in which the state of  Palestine is truly sovereign And, like many across the world, we also support the Palestinian right of return and self-determination. We are horrified by the Israeli bombing of apartment buildings, orphanages, medical centers, and media towers in Gaza. So many lives have been lost as a result of this conflict; deepening decades of pain and suffering.  Despite it all, the Palestinian people have continued to resist and have voiced their support for the liberation of all people, including the Puerto Rican people. As colonized people, we will continue to struggle for a free Puerto Rico and a free Palestine.  

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