By Marvin García

Congratulations to Celso Martínez for being hired full-time at Greater West Town Project as Maintenance Staff!

Celso originally came to GWTP’s Adult Job Placement Program in 2009. Celso participated in the Job Readiness Training, and after completion he was placed at Freedman Seating from 2009 – 2018. In 2018 he worked at MV Transportation in Niles cleaning buses. Celso did not want to work outside in the winter, so he returned to GWTP for employment assistance in June 2018 to be placed in a safer and higher-paying job. Celso’s resume was updated, and we went over interviewing skills. We assisted him in applying online for a maintenance position. Soon, Celso was placed in The Restaurant Depot full time as maintenance personnel where he earned slightly higher pay. Celso liked the job, but the company did not offer any benefits. In January of 2020, GWTP had a part time maintenance position available. Celso’s Employment Specialist asked him if he was in- terested. The position was in the pay range Celso was looking for — the other jobs offered much less. This maintenance job had the potential of becoming a full-time position. Celso was referred, and he was placed with GWTP as a part-time maintenance staff. In July 2021, Celso was offered full-time employment because he showed an ex- ceptional work ethic and meticulous attention to detail. Celso now has a wage he is happy with plus the benefits he wanted.

When asked what he thinks about the Adult Job Placement Program, Celso said, “I’m grateful for the Adult Job Placement Program and for the service that was provided to me that led me to where I am now. The staff are very attentive and helpful. They have assisted me with being more comfortable using technology such as the com- puter, internet and especially smart phones when it came to applying for jobs and forwarding my resume. I will always be grateful for the opportu- nity of confidence that was given to me.”

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