PRCC Promotes LGBTQ Intersectionality with Latin America

PRCC delegation meets experts from Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica, Bogotá. Colombia

The Puerto Rican Cultural Center has intentionally cultivated relations with kindred organizations in Latin America. Recognizing the common roots of health problems that disproportionately distress Latinos in the US and in the Spanish-speaking world, The PRCC has organized and led delegations of community leaders, activists, and elected officials to Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, and Puerto Rico.

 These delegations have met with Cenesex (Center for Sexual Education) in Cuba, GAAT Grupo de Acción y Apoyo a personas Trans, Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica and Colombia Diversa in Bogota, Colombia, and many more. These exchanges typically include all sides relating their narratives — historic challenges, successes, and the continued struggles to overcome structural inequalities. These transnational bridges have informed some of the work of The PRCC, and have even led to the creation of The PRCC’s Trans Chicago program, which is the first of its kind in this region.

By Roberto Sanabria, PRCC Human Resources Director.

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