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PRCC Congratulates the Clemente Community and Students First LSC Slate on Winning the LSC Elections

The entire slate of the Clemente Community and Students First LSC won the recent elections in that school, which included the three parent representatives, Judy Vázquez, Miguel Vázquez, Myriam Manzo, and the two community representatives, Glenda Guzmán, and LeShonne Segura.  The purpose of the slate was to ensure that...

Adam Gómez becomes Massachusetts’ FIRST Afro-Puerto Rican State Sen. Issues Special Thanks to PRCC

State Senator-Elect sends a special thanks to Puerto Rican community for its support in his historic win. SPRINGFIELD – On November 3rd Adam Gómez won the election for the Hampden District State Senate seat, becoming both the first Puerto Rican and Afro-Latino member in the body’s history. At a socially-distanced...


¡La anexión salió trasquilada! A pesar de campañas financiadas con dinero extranjero, la estadidad pierde terreno. El PNP llega a su punto más bajo de la década.  San Juan, Puerto Rico, 4 de noviembre de 2020- El apoyo a la estadidad ha llegado a su nivel más bajo en esta década....

Puerto Rican Chicago Mourns Passing of Iconic, Groundbreaking Leader María Cerda Remembered

By Aida Giachello The Puerto Rican community mourns the loss of an iconic leader with national name recognition, María Cerda, who passed at the age of 89. María was married for 60 years to Judge David Cerda who is now 93 years of age. María was the mother and the...



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